Nobel Peace Center

Small Design Firm was selected to help design and implement four large interactive installations for the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway. These interactives were a collaboration between Small Design Firm, Timon Botez and the London architects Adjaye/Associates.

Nobel Field

The Nobel Field, honoring each Laureate, is an illuminated garden of LCD displays, LED grass, and sound that responds to your movements through the space.

Nobel Chamber

The Nobel Chamber is a permanent exhibit at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway. The exhibit is composed of a large format handbound book sits on a lecturn in the center of an otherwise empty room; as the participant opens the book, images and text are printed onto each page from an overhead video projector. As participants turn the pages in the book, the images and text animate to life and bring about unexpected changes to the room, immersing the users in the story. The book tells the story of the life of Alfred Nobel; from his early years with his family, to his discovery of dynamite, and finally ending with his death and the formation of the Nobel Prizes.

Nobel Wallpaper

The third installation, the Wallpapers, is a continuous display surface of 68 million pixels, designed to allow visitors to further explore the life, work, and legacy of the Nobel Laureates.